ACCEPTANCE OF CONDITIONS take no charge for the authenticity pertinent to the accommodation/rental offers and deals by vacation home owners using the website, we are not accountable for the condition of vacation rental property, neither the intellect and behavior of the owner. Statements made by vacation rental property owners or the potential renters completely belong to them and we suggest you to get assured about the durability of each offer and condition of property, you are availing. You are requested to prevail terms and conditions in writing and signed from property owners to ensure any future action, as we are not liable for anything regarding all these.

Price and rentals of these vacation rental properties are subject to change without prior notice and they are completely on propensity of the owner. is committed and working on every detail to save possible fraud listings with the help of its Fraud Watch department. After getting enough attestations and related documents, we are going to deal with any query about the deceitful act and if an adequate reply will not be received within 48 hours, then we will take some action, for an example- excluding the listing of the property until the issue is resolved.

NOTICE TO VACATION RENTAL PROPERTY'S OWNERS is not answerable in any manner for the renters of property. It will be the only responsibility of the rental property's owner to ratify the quality, standard, bearing and suitability of the renter. We are not legally accountable for any of his acts, behavior, or failure to produce rent on given time. We strongly urge the practice to identify all the terms and conditions in writing. So, you do not have to face any kind of challenge while listing or renting property on our website. reserves right to modify or change the information and other aspects related to the listing of package details without any prior notice.

We do not entertain any type of settlements after a warranty period of 7 days as per the terms of our agreement with you. When you are into signing up with us or purchase any of our packages, as per your convenience, you are liable to pay for the function of marketing and advertising on our website as this will be great for your business, and helps you in getting more bookings. You have to pay for listing and maintenance of your page separately. If we will make any change in these circumstances based on the mutual agreement of the two parties then it will be based on proportional basis. is here, to generate regular business opportunities for you. To achieve this goal, we would love to have your recommendations and supervise certain process involved in the management of your accounts. Now this monitoring may invite some extra investments on some given operations as per our preference. For example- when we go for an exercise related to the SEO.


If you are using services of, it is understood that you agree to the terms and conditions of this disavowal. The photos, videos and other details posted on our website will remain the exclusive property of the home owner, and he/she has all the rights to issue and project further as per his/her propensity. has the utter right to remove any web page as per its choice and deny further marketing of any property, or its owner as per its temperament.

Our primary aim is to give satisfaction to our clients. We will become thrive by assisting you in developing good business. At , we love to take your precious inputs and implement them as much as possible. does not endorse, paying for any kind of vacation rentals membership package via Money Gram or Western Union or money order or not through any other cash service.

REFUND POLICYAt, we prefers to use most secured payment options with the help of, this accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, e-Check and direct PayPal transfers. We offer 7 Days Money Back Guarantee. So, if you are inclined to cancel the deal then we will count these days from the sign up date of your property listing.

Refunds after completion of transparency period of 7 days with valid Reason:-

We do not guarantee any refunds after the first seven days of sign up. However, it can be considered in only one situation, if a person or the rental owner will produce considerable reasons for the same. And if we find your reasons authentic and we don't have a feasible solution to offer or provide for the same, then in this condition your request for the return of the money can be accepted. But these under no circumstances give it the status of being an essential thing by any standards.

For more information, you can contact us by email to

CANCELLATION BY PROPERTY OWNER gives liberty to vacation rental property owner that, he/she can cancel his/her membership at any given moment. After obtaining a registered email we will cancel it within duration of 48 hours. The time and the date of the email will be considered as an official notification of the same. No refunds or prorated credits will be supported in this situation.

TRANSFER OF VACATION RENTAL membership is very much conveyable and we will not impose any extra charges on our clients. You just need to send a registered Email notice to us and after the authentication of the same this transfer will be implemented within or after 48 hours of your request.


  1. retains all the rights, through which; it can refuse the use of the site to any party or individual based on its volition. This volition may/may not include Phish, spammers, misuses of general nature and abuses or any kind of fraudulent activity.
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  3. We do not support any means to uncover any such thing in our practices and all our software and working approaches are clean from this type of discrimination. We do not collect demographic details prior to any deals.
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COLLECTION OF DATA:Your personal or confidential information, all of whom can be considered as the mark of your identification, for example your full name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, your current location at any given moment, your rental property details and other valuable information which both of us believe is appropriate, will be gathered, processed, stored and used only by .

Moreover, it will travel in an assured atmosphere and will be protected under the directions. When we use a third party payment processor such as- and PayPal, then you would have to submit your information to them directly. In an instance is managing your data then we have this clear provision of storing it wherever except you claim us to do so.

ALTHOUGH, BY USING OUR SERVICES (SITE) YOU: Recognize and agree to the gospel that you have no objection in transferring your personal data or information outside of the country and other sources where our platform has a scope. It also implies that you have no objection that your data will be available outside your native land country. As our ultimate aim is to help you to diversify your business and increase your customer base. gathers your personal data from you for a primary object, where we can improve certain processes for you and enhance the use of site for your property and business.

The reasons, for which we can utilize your data for various purposes, are as follows-

  1. We at, can use for services or to support your various requests;
  2. At times we need to contact you, in order to make alterations in user profile or applications.
  3. To verbalize different messages that will reinforce the process of providing services on various sites.
  4. To help people with whom you have done some business. For an instance- if a traveler is showing interest in your rental property, then we can transfer your details to him.
  5. If you are a renter and any property owner is offering you a great deal , then in this case we can also confirm his request to contact you.
  6. For customization of the services, estimating the conduct of various functions, reporting for the various evaluations and improving our collective services, content of presentation and advertising.
  7. To stop, examine or impeach activities, think maybe illegal, unlawful or harmful and to impose our Privacy Policy or our Terms or any other aim referenced herein or therein.

We have the entitlement to reveal your personal data or information if, it is being asked by some law enforcement bodies and requisite government authorities on the artifice of some legal framework. Such as certain legal action or when they need them for the growing concern of the community or the society. can also share your personal data with:

All of our channel partners, if you've requested their services and wants to participate in some activities with them; A third party executing services on our part, in the network and/or associates or other business organizations, for an instance- if we are preparing for a strategically planned unification with or sale to that company/institution or business organization/stand alone facility or Any third party that you tell us to share your data with for a cunning tie ups, we can also share it on social networking sites– such as -, Twitter, Google+ , YOU tube, Instagram etc.

In the feasible situations, and flip-flop of the events at, for an example- when our listing services, merchandising, business or any other part of our organization is sold or undertaken or some of its assets/segment/liabilities or responsibilities allotted to a third party under satisfactory legal standards, your personal information, as a valuable asset, can also be transmitted as a part of the main deal. Interested Buyers, new owners, their assistants and their advisors may have access to data as segment of the sales and purchase process and they can continue the uses till you withdraw or contact ends up legally. Moreover, your personal data or information can be passed on to a natural legatee who is taking up the reigns in interest in the unexpected event of a liquidation, bankruptcy, or change in administration and policies. In this situation he/she will be the beneficiary of this data. We have all the rights to sale our customer database or information discretely, from the rest of the business, entirely or in several aspects. We are free to make partitions on our own. It could be that the essence of purchaser's business is distantly different from ours, too.

Usually, we follow rigid approaches, technical and organizational means to prevent the theft and secure you against illegitimate or unlawful use or processing and access of your personal data and against accidental loss or demolition of, or harm to, your personal data.

It is involve with the general practices globally that in malice of three tier backup plans, no system in this globe is assured and setback can take place. Yet we administrated some measures in our system where we are able to cut down this frangibility to a great deal. In our belief, this is the appropriate interface of the security that we have previously introduced in our arrangement and working. has introduced the best security features for the advancement of our users around the entry, exit and access points of our data base. We have taken rigorous actions to control the access but still it is an interface where giving a contravention to a third party is a must. Because of this, we or everyone else working in the same condition can claim that they are fully secured. There may be some illegal infiltrations, acknowledged third parties may block access and keep an eye on the conveyance of this private data. If any such thing happens or misuse occurs then cyber laws of the native country can take sufficient actions against the parties involved.

Various parties involved in the business like service Providers, autonomous or institutional travelers, or other Users can make dissimilar other associations to another User through a third party website. These consist of social media tool, blogs, or some other method not involving our company or network. Without limiting to any other provisions of this Agreement, which release before mentioned Site from liability, you agree that our organization or website is not answerable for any misinterprets, either fraudulent, negligent, or otherwise, which may be done by such third party websites. contains different links to other Internet sites and resources. Vacation Caribbean Rentals is not blamable for the existence and working of these outside resources or their contents. We are not endorsing them, and this is why, we are not accountable for the contents of advertisement of the products or other materials which are given on above said sites.

Under no circumstances, be about to be held accountable or liable, directly or indirectly, for any loss or harm caused because of the intervention of these sites/network/third parties or putative to have been caused by use of or dependence on any content present in these websites, for an instance- goods or services available on these sites, we are not answerable for the resultants of the use of any information that they proffer to such sites. Any challenge and issues concerning any external link should be directed to its particular website executive or webmaster.

VacationCaribbeanRentals's web server report standard instructions and it is limited to the rigid fields such as the IP address of the visitor, recommender of the visitor, denomination of the browser, ISP of each visitor to this particular site. Vacation Caribbean Rentals only accumulate the information which tells us about the domain you visited from (such as-, but this does not assemble or reflect other data such as- your email address or other confidential information. The aim of gathering this data or information is to get a help in the evaluation of the difficulties which may occur in servers by times, we also use this data with an intention to make sure that our website work more efficiently and we stay in touch with the demographic profiles of our visitants.

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Anybody authorized to post data of this website posts or transmit any unlawful by the book, menacing, slanderous of a particular region, cast creed person or for all, coarse, indecent, pornographic or impious material or any material that could be considered as provocative or persuade conduct that would be considered as a criminal act, give rise to civil responsibility, or else violate any law; or for any other aim that is against the law or prohibited by these Terms; can be fetch under the book and we are not responsible till the first information of any such post. is restricted to avert and stop the use or access to the Website in either way that, in our unbiased judgment, negatively impact the performance and various functions of the Site, or any other apropos computer systems or affiliated networks used by, or works as an infraction on our procure or the copyright of our respected promoters;

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