Eleuthera beaches offer the peaceful pink and white sands of any weary traveler. The perfect remedy. The Leon Levy Plant Conservation is a beautifully disguised educative experience. Without looking at a unique “glass window,” the dark blue Atlantic bows right up to the aquamarine Caribbean Sea, you cannot visit Eleuthera completely. Hire a guide to see the magnificence of the many mystical caves of the island. To stay around the major attraction of the city many locals recommend staying in one of the Eleuthera Island Vacation Rentals by Owner,furnished with all the modern facilities and amenities.

The Spanish Wells (on St. George’s Cay) and the Harbour Island of Eleuthera and its satellite islands offer excellent diving and snorkeling amidst coral gardens, reefs, and hang gardens. Bottom, bone, and deep-sea fishing are carried on by fishermen to Eleuthera, who test their expertise with dolphinfish, wahoo, blue and white marlin, Allison tuna, and amberjack. Powell Point, Rock Sound, Spanish Wells, and Harbour Island are available for charter boats. Sunfish, sailing boats, and Boston Whalers are also available for rent for reef fishing.

Eleuthera has more airports (three) than any other island in The Bahamas except for Andros Island (which has four airports), making most of its spots relatively easy. At its best, the road extends from the south to the north of the island 177 km (110 mi), thereby avoiding complicated crossings on ferryboats, such as Andros and Abacos. The route is completely interrelated. On the island, there is no traffic light, a fact that makes locals extremely proud. An unbeatable adventure involves driving the whole of the island along a rolling road sometimes with no dividing line at all. Get yourself a convenient accommodation in Central Eleuthera Vacation Homes at an affordable cost.

No two Bahamian Vacations are identical. The Bahamas may appear schizophrenic with options so diverse as its 700 islands: Is this a place for the family, a place for the lovers to sneak away, a gambling mecca, an affiliated cruise terminal, or the world shopping center? Yeah, the answer. This is also the case. If you plan an itinerary try accommodating one of the Bahamas Vacation Rentals with all luxuries.

The Bahamian islands provide discerning travelers with something. It’s difficult to beat the Bahamas from the big game fishing in Bimini and the Harbour Island’s pink-sand beaches to bonefishing, regatta, and unpopulated outer coves. For those who visit the New Year, don’t miss Junkanoo, the nation’s most popular festival, with its glowing drums and kaleidoscopic costumes.


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