Curacao in the Southern Caribbean Sea is Island country within Kingdom of Netherlands.  It’s part of the ABC Island that includes Aruba to its West & Bonaire to its East. Home to more than 30 beaches Curacao is among the top searched vacation destination in the Caribbean Sea. Some of the popular beaches in Curacao are Kenepa Beach, Playa Porto Mari, Mambo Beach and CasAbao. The rich diversity of the Island’s capital Willemstad earned it a spot in UNESCO World Heritage Site for its amazing architecture, waterways, tropical scenery and streel Cafes.You don’t want to miss out on Handelskade which is seafront strip in Punda lined with colourful houses and 18th century style building. Nature lovers enjoy Shete Boka National park and Christoffel National Park. The best way to explore the Island is by rental car and the Island is an excellent place to scuba diving, snorkeling, and swimming. Curacao is an ultimate family vacation destination and Curacao Vacation Rentals is a place from where you can explore this Island. This vacation rental is spacious and loaded with world class amenities and facilities.

Luxury with Comfort in Curacao

While exploring Curacao you will come across 300,000 years old Hato Caves, the biggest caves on the Island. Whenever you are visiting a new place you must try the local cuisine to get a taste of the place. In Curacao you find some amazing dishes and local cuisine that you can’t resist. Some of these delicious eateries include Oliebollen, Keshi Yena, Bitterballen, Funchi or Tutu, Stroopwafels, Stoba, Poffertjes, Seafood, Arepas, and local liqueur. The crystal clear blue water, white sand, and rocky cliffs of Grote Knip will mesmerize you in no time. There are plenty of living accommodation in Curacao ranging from Villa, beach house, penthouse, and other luxurious rental that will make you vacation memorable. Beach facing Curacao Vacation Homes are fully furnished and has fully operational kitchen. This luxury vacation rental is budget friendly and comes with some last minute offers and deals. So hurry, make a vacation plan to this popular Caribbean delight and enjoy the pleasant stay.


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