When it comes to plan an exciting escape in the Caribbean, nothing can match the fun that Jamaica is offering. Jamaica is your next holiday destination if you ever want warmth, happiness and adventure. For so many reasons, the beautiful island has become one of the most popular holiday resorts in the western part of the world. Food, beaches, music and unique culture are just some of the reasons why visitors from around the world eagerly. Jamaica Vacation Homes are the best when you think of accommodation while vacationing in Jamaica.

When you think of Jamaica, visitors often think about its mind blowing beaches. Every beach here is one of a kind and never fails to amaze you. Jamaica offers a vast area of spectacular white sandy beaches as an island surrounded by the Caribbean. The island has one of the Caribbean’s most beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters and beautiful landscapes and sunsets. In the lush gardens and forests, most beaches are nestled or coupled with mountains, making it the perfect place to plan an escape. One of the finest beaches in Jamaica is Discovery Bay. Book one of a Discovery Bay Vacation Rentals by Owner at an amazing cost. They are the best way to explore the true essence of Jamaica.

The exotic and delicious cuisine of Jamaica is well-known. The island is home to the most beloved dish in the world of chicken, Jamaica without a doubt. The Jamaican national meal, Ackee and Saltfish, has also popularised beef pies and introduced worldwide. There’s also a unique blend of seafood, fruits and vegetables you have to try.

The positive vibes, which live in the present and accept it as it is, are Jamaican qualities; it is a spiritual way of living from which many people can learn. Not rush, no stress, but a simple, musical, singing and dancing atmosphere. Moreover, Jamaicans are extremely helpful, friendly and spontaneous. You feel comfortable and happy with their positive attitude, so visiting Jamaica certainly is worthwhile.

Simple reggae stuff will make you jump out of your chair; soon you will dance as a true Jamaican. You don’t have to take class when your eyes catch dancehall move, shake your body and let yourself go. Drums and singing ceremonies by Rastafari Nyabinghi will make you feel meditated. Empty your mind and give in to the drum’s heartbeat. Feel peace and harmony as the place of one love and unity is Jamaica.

The Blue Hole is a series of picturesque waterfalls fed by gushing cascades high in the rain-forest-cloaked mountains outside Ocho Rios. The Island Gully or Irie Blue Hole is also known as the Gully Falls Island. If you think of planning a beautiful vacation here, it is suggested to Ocho Rios Vacation Rentals for perfect stay in this destination.


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