Some Couples Dream Destination Islands in the Caribbean Region are of the following:

Bahamas: The Islands of Bahamas are rated among the top vacation spots around the world. Bahamas amazes couples with its picturesque landscape and pristine white and pink sand beaches. There are lots of outdoor recreational activities Bahamas support which are explored and enjoyed by couples. Bahamas constitutes of more than 700 Islands and over 2000 unspoiled cays and bays dotted across the Atlantic Ocean and The Caribbean Sea. Beach lovers find this stunning vacation destination perfect to soak sun and relax on soft white sand beaches. The crystal clear blue water in the region is ideal for snorkeling and scuba diving. Andros Barrier Reef in the Bahamas attract water sports enthusiast to come to this beautiful place and explore the riches of the Sea with their better half. Bahamas is popular for its nightlife and shopping centres. Tourists love to shop in the duty-free boutiques and Nassau downtown for colourful Bahamian cloths & souvenirs. The Bahamas is dotted with all-inclusive Bahamas Vacation Rentals, beach resorts, condos, beach houses and fully furnished apartments to catervisitors for memorable vacationing in the Bahamas. These vacation rentals in the Bahamas are fully furnished and loaded with all modern day amenities and services to comfort guest during their stay in the region.

Exuma: The seascape of Exuma is the highlight and one of the top attractions in The Bahamas. Exuma is a stretch of more than 350 beautiful Islands. Some of these Islands are the paradise on the Earth offering peaceful and tranquil surrounding perfect for vacationing with the Bahamian vibes. Popular outdoor activities in the Exuma includes horseback ride in the sea, swimming with nurse sharks, and feeding & swimming with the native pigs of the region. Swimming with pigs has gained popularity in the recent decades and couples and families love feeding and swimming with these pigs & sharks for fun and entertainment. Fully furnished and beautifully decorated Exuma Chain Vacation Rentals are as beautiful as the Island and is in close proximity with more beautiful Island and cays including Great Exuma, Little Exuma, Staniel cay, and Thunderball Cave.

Eleuthera: Eleuthera is renowned for its pristine pink sand beaches which are rated and reviewed as one of the sexiest beaches in the World by travel pundits and top travel magazines. The tropical climate and magnificent beaches with laid back Bahama vibes offers peaceful surrounding ideal for a perfect vacation in the Bahamas. Numerus events and festivals attract tourists to Eleuthera. Water sports enthusiast love to explore the sea through diving, swimming, snorkeling, sailing, boating and jet skiing. And Eleuthera Island Vacation Rentals are well furnished and loaded with fully operational kitchen.

Grand Bahamas Island: Grand Bahamas in the north of the Bahamas is renowned for its world’s longest underwater cave system. Guided tour to these amazing underwater caves gives immense self-satisfaction and peace of mind. Thus what is stopping you to explore The Bahamas? There is no time to waste here in Bahamas, such is the extent to thing to do and place to visit. Plan you next vacation in the beautiful and stunning islands of the Bahamas with Vacation Caribbean Rentals and get the best out of the Bahamas within the budget.


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