The Bahamas provides a fascinating combination of land and marine activities made up of 700 islands, some busy, some are secluded, and only inhabited by hermit crabs and sea goats. You may play golf on the seafront fairways from Nassau to Eleuthera, immerse yourself in spectacular wrecks and reefs, and sail in crystalline, open water. Accommodation includes a wide range of modest inns, getaways, from convenient fishing huts to romantic hideaways. And there’s a fascinating and diverse culture to explore for those who look a bit closer. The Bahamas is famous for its hospitality and a wide range of accommodation. To accommodate, you will find many upscale resorts, hotels, and Bahamas Vacation Rentals, designed for every budget and taste.

Top Destinations in the Bahamas!

Nassau: The protected port of Nassau bustles with cruiser activity, shoppers who go inside air conditioning shops and rest on benches shaded by the mahogany and Lignum vitae trees on the Bay Street walkways are crowded a block away. Tourist cash tilt shops for excellent imported products, but a few businesses are brimming with native Bahamian craft, cuisine, and other delights.

Abaco: In an uncrowded atmosphere, you will feel satisfied here, yet have access to whatever quality of accommodation and services you choose. Ecotourism is fascinating, and visitors have regenerated the pine-growing woods of Abaco, the Caribbean, where wild boar, wild horses, the unique parrot of Abaco, and many other birds and plants live. Popular activities are walking and riding in such woodlands and along abandoned beaches in the forest. Kayaking is also an enriching experience in pristine protected regions, and there are more traditional activities, such as golf, tennis, and beach volleyball. But if you’re not going to do anything, alright, beach hopping is satisfying here. For the best accommodation and a secluded feel, book one of the Abaco Vacation Rentals at the best price possible.

Grand Bahama: Of natural beauty, Grand Bahama Island becomes a varied, well-rounded destination for the Bahamas. Visitors may find what Nassau has more to provide in its two major cities, Freeport and Lucaya: resort hotels, a wide range of restaurants, golfing, free shops, and games. But unlike New Providence, just a tiny area of an island is covered by deserted areas of beach and woodland. The tourism areas are not populated. The West End (capital of Grand Bahama Island) was the heart of the forestry business in the Bahamas in the 1920s before the establishment of Freeport.

The Exumas: The Exumas is beautiful and offers some of the best Bahamian seascapes.  The Exumas are famous for their magnificent 365 cays. Make your hair wind and sea salt as you cross the beautiful 120-mile chain. The sea is one of the most beautiful in the world. The beaches are brilliantly white in the shade of blue or green. Combine that with fresh seafood and pleasant local people, and you have one of the Bahamas’ best vacation spots. Yes, in the whole meaning of the phrase, the Exumas are the Out Islands: no casino or cruise boat is in sight. People who love natural beauty are back and enjoy the distant beauty of wind-wept cays. In regards to accommodate, book one of the Exuma Vacation Homes at the best prices.


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