Puerto Rico has no brainer to determine its appeal. This island is an American territory (if not your high school history course taught you that) less than a three-hour flight from Miami. So you may pay for your souvenirs with American money when you purchase in San Juan, capital city. However, don’t be wrong: this is not a home away from home. Both 20-foot surf waves and quiet, crystalline seas are available for families in Puerto Rico. Regarding accommodation, book one of the Puerto Rico Region Vacation Rentals at an affordable cost.

It not only offers many of sights, but has a dual nature which has always fascinated visitors. Puerto Rico is on the one hand a mecca for vacation-makers and lunches. Every corner is full of sun, surfing, rum and adventure. You can swim in beautiful beaches and cross exotic rainforests and spring from hefty cliffs to crampy underground cellars. You can also swim.

The blended North American, Caribbean, Spanish and indigenous Taino origin of the island is represented through a lot of the puertorican culture from food to music. For example, in Old San Juan, a stone’s throw from Coach Street and the Tommy Hilfiger factory shops you can have a dinner of criollo (traditional Puerto Rican food of pig, rice and beans). To accommodate in the region, a wide range of Rincon Vacation Homes are available, suiting your taste and budget.

Puerto Rico dining displays the blend of Caribbean influences from the island, from Latin to North American to indigenous Taíno. Wherever you dine, make sure you experience some of the most traditional foods in Puerto Rico: The mofongo is made of seasonal vegetable or meat; pasta is formed from mushed banana (or yucca), packed with pork, chicken or caud; and it comprises of fish and meat or vegetables on top of mashed plantains.

The beach on Culebra, some 20 miles east of Puerto Rico, is ideal for families, snorkelers and people who want a remote area with a pleasant aesthetic in almost every angle. The 1 1/2 mile sand strip of Flamenco Beach is the most popular in Culebra and is often regarded as the most beautiful beach in Puerto Rico by tourists and specialists. Regarding accommodation, a wide range of Puerto Rico Vacation Rentals are available.

Equipment such as bathrooms and showers can be located on the premises and white sand on the beach has been peppered with kiosks for sale or offering chairs and umbrellas for rent. Comfort and peace are among the many attractions, but most importantly, of our favourite place.

Puerto Rico has many – many things actually – for all your desires and persuasions, whether you’re a city guy or a countryman, or a beachgoer, or a walker, an art lover or an adventurer of Parties, farmers’ markets and galleries. The island makes the most of its 3500 metre square metres of land, from the expansive collection of the Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico to the cave that offers views of the rainforest underneath and farmers who are prepared to welcome you as part of the family.


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