The Virgin Islands of the US possesses a rich cultural heritage. The flags in seven nations have flown across these islands and have marked people, history, culture, architecture, literature, music, and cuisine. Take a time walk back in one or all the historic cities. Visit the forts, museums and historical sites of the 17th and 18th centuries. Immerse yourself in a pulse of local music and participate during the annual carnivals and festivals in the lively colourful cultural shows. You will surely witness diversity with a tapestry of West Indians, Africans, Americans and Europeans. In local dishes and cuisine you can taste the meaning of true happiness. Regarding accommodation book one of the U.S. Virgin Islands Vacation Rentals by Owner.

The USVI gastronomy represents the vibrant wealth of cultures here over the years. The colonial roots of Africa, Danish and French are mixing with more recent infusions of American, Spanish and Middle Eastern cultures to maintain this Caribbean melting pot that is percolated with more and more imaginative delights. To eat like an islander, look for favourites from USVIs including fish and pungi, souse, Johnnycakes, oxtail and pâtés. Foreign wines and insulated beers are available — but the main alcohol is rum, and St. Croix’s popular Cruzan brand.

The tradition of local music, dance and history in the USVI is a combination of African and European influences, rooted in colonial times. Scratch bands play Québec’s music with improvised instruments from a squash to a car exhaust pipe—a worthwhile experience particularly if you are able to listen to them with a European-inspired quadrile dance show. Look for ‘moko-jumbies’ as well: festive dancers who participate in different festivals and who are believed to drive out evil spirits. In the western hemisphere even St. Thomas is the site of one of the oldest synagogues. To have a pleasure and luxury of your own home, book one of the St. Thomas Vacation Rentals available at an amazing cost.

The 3 main islands of the U.S. Virgin Islands have six national parks, which include the National Monument Buck Island Reef, located in St. Croix. The best place to see the wildlife is the St. John National Park of Virgin Islands, which has more than 11,500 acres of protected land and remaining intact for most of its ecosystem. To stay in the lap of the nature comfortably, book one of the St. John Vacation Homes by Owner at an amazing cost.

There are also a variety of footpaths for casual walkers and walkers alike. Visitors will take to the entire island by combining the Cinnamon Trail on top of the island with the Reef Bay Trail. You can hike through the jungle, past abandoned sugar plantations, and old petroglyphs to the barren, unknowable iguana or two photo postcard beach.

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