Trinidad and Tobago are a lesson in contrast to the suture Caribbean islands. The bigger of both, Trinidad, is busy with business and variety. Trinidad is a cosmopolitan oasis of Creole culture and the origin of steel drums and limbo, with natural resources like gas and petroleum. Its cultural eclecticism is all but unrivaled in the Caribbean, and sometimes her astonishing richness is unparalleled. There’s also Tobago’s quiet island. This island is rich in natural beauties with perfect white sand beaches further north-east, yet it lacks the urban sophistication of its half.

There are numerous beaches in Trinidad, but Tobago is most known for its diversity and beauty. Almost all across the island are its gorgeous beaches, ranging from busy to romantic, vacation to the desert. The most scenic sight of Trinidad is its exquisite flora and wildlife and its scarlet ibises. In particular, the flamingoes of orange blood make the forests of the island home. If you are seeking an accommodation option here, look for serene and private Trinidad & Tobago Vacation Homes with all the ultra-modern facilities and amenities.

The Port of Spain is a mixture of beaux and sandy, the green spread of downtown Queen’s Park Savannah, and the array of magnificent swept structures beside mint, grid-locking city center. But rapid development in the city developed a metropolis that distinguishes it from the usual capital of the Caribbean. That’s not a location that fucks the touristic dollar, and for it, everything’s richer. There may be few sights, but there is a lot of downtown atmosphere, with its market stalls and shaded squares, while a wide range of upscale restaurants, pubs, and clubs are available on the edge of Woodbrook. Regarding accommodation, book one of the Port of Spain Vacation Rentals for a serene and sheer comfort.

Piarco is not as bustling in Trinidad And Tobago as any other city, but don’t let that deceive you. Piarco is a modest yet lovely tourist spot worth visiting. Some of the unusual things that you may do and find at this secret spot will surprise you.

Turtle viewing is an absolute must-do in Trinidad from March to September. The best spot is on the northwest coast of Grande Rivière. It’s a journey to get here so, make sure you’re staying overnight. You may go to the beach at about 9 pm to see hundreds of leatherback turtles come to the coast laying their eggs. The tour is necessary. You probably will see the final few in daylight if you get up shortly before dawn and go back to the beach. You have a chance to see the hatchers released later in the season. The experience of a vacation in Piarco is enhanced by staying in Piarco Vacation Rentals at an attractive cost.


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